Running Jenkins is trivial task, But configuring it.. Well that can be lil daunting. But as every cloud project now evolved to.. Yay.. Kubernetes!!!

Running Jenkins in Kubernetes

  1. Create a kubernetes cluster. If you want to use k3d, follow this guide.
  2. Install Helm. Refer this guide Download Helm section.
  3. Installing Jenkins in kubernetes
    helm repo add jenkins
    helm repo update
    helm install jenkins/jenkins
  4. Accessing Jenkins
    # Get jenkins password
    kubectl exec -it svc/jenkins -c jenkins -- /bin/cat /run/secrets/chart-admin-password && echo
    # Accessing Jenkins
    kubectl port-forward svc/jenkins 8080:8080
    Goto your browser, open http://localhost:8080 🎉🎉🎉🎉

You have Jenkins running in Kubernetes now. This is just a simple installation. I’ll post another article on customizing jenkins using code.